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by Aaron Prewitt - Bear Arms Firearms AZ on Shoot Some Steel

Mike lent me one of these over the weekend to test and help get the name out. Very impressed! Easy to assemble, no welds to pop, and if you do break something, you aren't out an arm and a leg. Would and will continue to recommend!

by Frank Winn on Shoot Some Steel
Rugged, portable, and just plain clever: APTS Silhouette

If your game is to suck our reviewer(s) into the proverbial “tight turn,” here’s a hint: Be clever. Even without perfect execution—the first time around, at any rate—you buy a lot with our crack team by using the old noodle. If an outfit is on their game, however, and do get the first iteration right, they’ll pretty much have us eating out of their hand. The latter, we think, is our state vis a vis American Precision Target Systems. In a comparative sea of steel targets—an odd mental image, we concede—the company has impressed us big time with their 2/3 Scale USPSA/IPSC Silhouette. You won’t look far to discover our affinity for shooting on reduced-size targets. Call it “lazy” (they don’t have to be set out as far) or “weak” (they aren’t as heavy) as suits your bias; we settle for “easier.” So sue us. Reduced size, however, is not without hazards of a sort. A smaller target is going to have to absorb more punishment if shooters do their part, so cheesy materials won’t cut it.No hint of said cheese fouled our testing of the APTS center-of-mass/hostage silhouette. We’ve banged it pretty hard with rifle calibers up to 7.62x51 (.308 Win) and pistols up to .45 ACP, and the target is clearly winning at about 500 mixed rounds—no pits at all that we can spot. (With AR500 steel this is really no surprise, but know the recommended distances, velocities and bullet weights for safe use and long life in any steel target.) If you’re an experienced user of steel targets, you may be at the “meh–moving on” stage, but here’s why that miiiiight be a mistake. Unlike most other reactive systems, the APTS silhouette is completely toolless from start to finish. There are no bolts to work loose (or shoot the heads off of—been there, done that), no springs to wear out, and only four small, well-protected welds in the whole system, stand and all. That’s 12 parts, total.And before you get your knickers in a wad about that count, inspect other systems—including attachments—and you’ll find they are little different, just combined in often heavier and nearly always bulkier sub-assemblies. The higher “loose” parts count of the APTS may have you thinking they’re tougher to set up, but 30 seconds (leaving the “target” assembled) or 70 seconds (all parts loose) shouldn’t daunt anyone—especially if you spot-color the assembled joints as we did. Better still is that light components don’t tend to pinch fingers, bark knuckles and dent/scratch/nick what they shouldn’t when man- or woman-handling inevitably goes awry.What you get in return is an easy fit, even in the so-called trunk of a Smart car. The legs of APTS also “nest” in a way most others won’t, so multiples can store or transport efficiently, too. Try that with the ”H” pattern bases most others use. Another nice touch isn’t part of the target, per se. This is galvanizing of all the non-target stand and bracket components. While it’d be easy to write this off as a cosmetic nicety—which it is—it also means these A36 steel components won’t rust (or leave rust stains behind), and will stay cooler to the touch. Leave a steel target set up on a hot day, and you won’t mind this a bit.

by David K. on Shoot Some Steel
Steel Target System

Dear People,I was looking for a steel IPSC target and stand that is easily assembled and disassembled without tools. My plan is to transport my steel target system to and from the range with as little hassle as possible. Looking at many different manufactures I decided on purchasing your IPSC/USPSA Silhouette (Full scale) target and stand.I received my order four days later. The steel assembly was packaged very securely, and well protected from shipping damage. I assembled the target and stand in about two minutes “amazing”. The target is held securely by the stand and the base is very stable.I’m very pleased with your target system, it is readily apparent that it is a well-engineered piece of equipment. Clearly I made the correct choice; I will be purchasing more of your equipment very soon. Presently I plan to take your target system to the range next week. Thanks for making a great product.Regards,David K.

by Steve on Shoot Some Steel
Best targets made HANDS DOWN

I looked and looked and compared allot of targets, we shoot handguns and rifles at steel targets, but I can tell you these products are no joke they are exactly how they are described!! These are heavy duty, precision made to last!! Everything about the targets I bought I love! I have the Revolution and the shooting tree and you can't go wrong with any of their targets or systems. Don't even look anywhere else, your just wasting time when you can be shooting!! Believe me, I don't like writing reviews but these products deserve nothing but the best. Great job making these.Thanks for everything.

by Mike Erland on Shoot Some Steel

Just received my APTS "Gong Target". It went together fast and perfectly. If you are contemplating a target purchase - buy from APTS. They build the best I have seen.

by Jim Stirewalt on Shoot Some Steel
High quality and highly recommended

Where should I start? Easy assembly, quality materials, excellent craftsmanship? I have owned a lot of different target systems and dollar for dollar, pound for pound, these are the best I have ever owned.

I have purchased two pop up targets, a dueling tree, gong stand and now I am looking at yet another purchase. If you love to shoot, don't waste your money on other systems. Invest in a quality product and you will not be disappointed.

Even my eleven year old son can set these targets up in a matter of minutes. No bolts, no screws, just set them up and start shooting!

I would recommend APTS to anyone that wants to purchase a target system that will last a lifetime.

Jim Stirewalt

by Jason McDade on Shoot Some Steel
We all NEED these.

Simply awesome! The APTS targets that I've shot were the most gratifying targets I've ever used. The durability, simplicity, ease of setup and transport are the reasons these targets are genius! They are very well built and have a nice solid feel. We were able to enjoy more time shooting and less time setting up. Everyone should have targets this good!

by Rachel Murray on Shoot Some Steel
I Would Highly Recommend APTS!

"As a military daughter I've shot my fair share of targets, and without a doubt the targets made by American Precision Target Systems are by far the best.  They assemble and disassemble quickly with no tools necessary, which results in an efficient set up and tear down.Their pieces are stackable and space-saving allowing an entire range set up to fit in a truck bed or small trailer... and they interlock on a custom dolly making portability for long distances a breeze.  They've even been shown to withstand impact from a .50 caliber pistol at close range!I would highly recommend APTS to any shooter, pro or sport."Rachel Murray

by Paul Knowles on Shoot Some Steel
These Are Top Notch!

I shot IPSC for three years here in Phoenix Arizona.  The range we shot at closed and I lost track of the group.  The company I was working for as Director of Engineering in 2008 got very busy with a Military contract; one of the vendors we used at that time presently opened a company called APTS, American Precision Target Systems.  I have never seen steel targets quite like this while shooting IPSC.  Poppers, Plate targets and Cardboard Silhouette holders made by other companies were all heavy and awkward to handle.  Their setup always cut into our shooting time, along with the teardown and putting everything away.  All of APTS mounts are modular in the way they are made which makes setup and teardown very easy.  Looking at the complete line of targets with my engineering background, they make sense.  These are top notch and a lot of fun to shoot.  Put them up and start shooting; it is great practice for you and your friends.Paul Knowles

by Simon “J.J.” Racaza on Shoot Some Steel
The Pros Approve!

I've been shooting for just over 22 years. I've personally owned hundreds of steel targets and target stands, shot millions of rounds on many different styles, designs and models, but I've never seen one with the quality and genius in design behind these targets / target stands by American Precision Target Systems (APTS).Portability, durability, function and ease of use combined is what sets them apart. The bolt-less and tool-less design makes the task of assembling these targets very easy and range friendly. Once assembled it is even more solid compared to the ones held together by bolts and nuts simply because the shooter does not have to worry about anything working its way out. You simply can spend more time shooting as opposed to adjusting and fixing your targets. When you're done for the day, they easily break down into small portable pieces.Having this availability of certain steel targets enhances my training and opens up my practice sessions to a wide variety of drills. Recently moving to Vegas, I didn't know wind would be such a problem. One of the most frustrating things is when I am finally ready to shoot a drill and targets fall due to a gust of wind. Fortunately, with APTS innovative design target stands standing firm on 4 solid contacts , I don't have to worry about staking them to the ground, placing rocks or any weight to hold them down, again allowing more time to spend on shooting than setting up. It's amazing when a company listens to shooters and find ways to make the shooters experience on the range better and much more enjoyable. For my purpose, this will only help me achieve the next level and bring home more championships.Thank you!Warm Regards,jj(Simon “J.J.” Racaza, competitive shooter and world champion. Triple grandmaster in the USPSA/IPSC)