TARGETS FEATURES The premiere target system for Law Enforcement agencies and hobbyist.

Our products are fully modular. Customize according to your needs. Add features to existing assemblies and more.

No tools required to complete the assembly. Our patented design makes assembly and disassembly process easy!

All of our targets use military grade materials. Laser cutting process ensures high quality for all target systems.

View our shooting targets in 3D and Virtual Reality. See every detail. Experience the real scale of our targets in VR.

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The Pros Approve!

I’ve been shooting for just over 22 years. I’ve personally owned hundreds of steel targets and target stands, shot millions of rounds on many different styles, designs and models, but I’ve never seen one with the quality and genius in design behind these targets / target stands by American Precision Target Systems (APTS).Portability, durability, function and ease of use combined is what sets them apart. The bolt-less and tool-less design makes the task of assembling these targets very easy and range friendly. Once assembled it is even more solid compared to the ones held together by bolts and nuts simply because the shooter does not have to worry about anything working its way out. You simply can spend more time shooting as opposed to adjusting and fixing your targets. When you’re done for the day, they easily break down into small portable pieces.Having this availability of certain steel targets enhances my training and opens up my practice sessions to a wide variety of drills. Recently moving to Vegas, I didn’t know wind would be such a problem. One of the most frustrating things is when I am finally ready to shoot a drill and targets fall due to a gust of wind. Fortunately, with APTS innovative design target stands standing firm on 4 solid contacts, I don’t have to worry about staking them to the ground, placing rocks or any weight to hold them down, again allowing more time to spend on shooting than setting up. It’s amazing when a company listens to shooters and find ways to make the shooters experience on the range better and much more enjoyable. For my purpose, this will only help me achieve the next level and bring home more championships.Thank you!Warm Regards,jj(Simon “J.J.” Racaza, competitive shooter and world champion. Triple grandmaster in the USPSA/IPSC)

Simon “J.J.” Racaza